7 Part Wealth Building Video Series


CollegeInvestr is constantly evolving and trying to bring you the best content we can.  The next tool we're implementing is a video blog!

To kick this new feature off, we'll be posting a video a day starting on January 1st and running through January 7th!  The whole series is going to be based on wealth building strategies that we've compiled over the last year!  The topics we're going to cover are:

  1. Money skills that you'll need in the real world
  2. How to budget your money like an adult
  3. How to save your first $1000
  4. Why you should start investing now
  5. How to start an investment account
  6. Simple market knowledge
  7. Wealth goals and spending habits as you get older

This entire series is completely free to watch, but we need a valid email address to send the videos to!

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