CollegeInvestr April 2017 Update

CollegeInvestr celebrated it’s 1st birthday last November, therefore we are well overdue for an update on the inner workings of the organization.

First, we’d like to thank all of our readers and supporters for all of the kind words, inspiration, and encouragement.  Without our readers, CollegeInvestr would be nothing!

Writing Schedule

As you know we’ve been trying to develop a solid writing schedule that we can adhere to.  What we’ve come up with is fairly simple.  We will be publishing an in-depth guide every Monday.  If you’ve read any of our past 3 posts you’re familiar with the format.  Our goal with these guides, if you’re not familiar, is to provide as much information as we can on a specific topic.  These guides are the bread and butter of our new platform and we’re really excited to continue writing them!

To give you an idea of the direction we want to go with our guides, here are the next four:

  • Credit Cards
  • Student Discounts
  • Banks
  • Budgeting

We’re trying to plan out at least a month in advance so we can stick to our schedule.  I (David) will be writing all of the guides.  They’re in-depth and require a lot of research/experimenting to get right.  The positive response we’ve received from our guides has been overwhelming and I’m really excited to keep writing them and provide our readers with more value!


Along with the guides that we write we’ll also be posting a commentary piece every Friday.  These pieces will be written by a guest a majority of the time.  On occasion I will post an update or another important piece to keep our readers updated.  We’re trying to bring different writing styles and different viewpoints to the CollegeInvestr platform.  These guest writers come from all different walks of life and professions.  Just like the variety in our guests, the topics will vary as well.  Some of the topics our guests will be covering are:

  • How to manage your money as a server
  • Military money management
  • Interesting new technologies
  • Topics that impact the millennial population
  • Upcoming laws or social changes


Along with our blog presence, we’re expanding into other fields of influence.  As you know we’ve made a couple YouTube videos to help illustrate some of the topics we talk about in the blog.  We’re going to continue to do that.  We’re figuring out the formatting and schedule for our videos because we want to be consistent and provide quality content to our audience.  We’ll keep you updated on our YouTube schedule as we figure out the details!


If you haven’t already, go subscribe to the YouTube channel so you’ll be notified when we post a video.


Ebooks are the next level of publication that we’re looking into.  Now that we’ve expanded into more in-depth guides, it’s easier to write longer pieces and really get into the detail that we want to!  Currently I’m writing an ebook that will cover the major financial topics that impact all millennials and I really think you’ll not only enjoy the book, but also learn a lot!

But, it doesn’t stop there.  Our initial ebook will loosely cover things like money management, building savings habits, and budgeting.  That being said, there’s just not enough room in a single ebook to really cover these topics in the detail that we want to.  Therefore, more ebooks will be coming in the future that will cover only a single topic, but will contain an immense amount of information and research.  We’re aiming to provide as much value as we possibly can with these ebooks and we know you’ll love them!


Public Appearances

Outside of our online presence, we’ll be speaking/presenting to a couple different audiences in the coming months.  This is a big step in the right direction and it’s always been a goal of ours to go out and talk directly with our readers and also to meet new people and bring them into our clan!  If it’s possible, we’ll try to record these events and put them up on the YouTube channel.

As you can see we have big plans for the future of CollegeInvestr and we’re really excited to have you guys with us!  If you have an idea for a topic you’d like for us to cover, would like to guest post with us, or you have any questions, feel free to email me personally at!


Before You Go!

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