How to Balance Fun with Financial Responsibility

There's no doubt that you can only be young once.  Balancing your priorities is an excellent first step to achieving financial success, and becoming a more rounded person.  We think you'll find our work and reward system, outlined below, to be an efficient and effective way to motivate yourself throughout your youth.

Pursue Your Priorities

In order for you to really balance what you want to enjoy in your youth, and what you can afford, it's really important to prioritize what really makes you happy.  That sounds impossible for a college student who is just figuring out who they are, I understand.  However, try to find a couple things that really bring joy to your life.


Just some examples to jump start your brain:

  • Hanging out with friends
  • Music
  • Travelling
  • Cars
  • World Language
  • Politics
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Video Games
  • Sports

Once you've found these priorities, go out and pursue them!  Your degree and your schooling obviously need to be your main focus, but have a side hobby or two that gives you deeper character.  Go out with your friends every week and socialize at the bar, start saving for that awesome car you really want, buy a really nice camera that will fuel your passion.

I'm asking you to spend that money now, get that hobby into your system, find your niche.  The only stipulation is; limit yourself to one or two things and don't try to dabble in too many hobbies at once.  This hobby or two of yours is going to be really important.  It's what's going to give you the motivation and energy to get through those tough days.

Paying for Priorities


These priorities are really important, but finding the money to support them is your next step.  It's very important to be financially stable when investing in big purchases like that car, or that expensive camera.

Budgeting is obviously the solution to that problem.  But, I want to alter your thinking a little bit when creating your budget.  Instead of saving all of your money for your hobby, you should match your hobby money, with honest savings money.

For instance, you want to buy a $1500 camera, and you just have to have it because you love photography so much.  When you create your budget, instead of allocating all $150 of your extra free money to the camera, split it down the middle.  $75 to the camera fund, $75 to the saving for the future fund.  Do NOT cheat because you're getting close to your goal or you want to speed up the process.  It's very important to keep your self discipline and be patient for the things that you want!

Yes, I understand that it'll take twice as long to reach your goal, but look at it a different way.  If you feel like your camera (or whatever you want) fund is taking too long to build up, and you don't cheat, you'll be more willing to work more hours, find other ways to make cash, and speed up the process in order to reach your goal!

Hard Work Pays Off!

This whole process is about establishing saving habits, and rewarding yourself for working hard.  The harder you work, the faster you'll get your reward.

And it doesn't have to stop at the main item or activity you want.  Once you've gotten your first big ticket item, maybe try to get the accessories for it.  Or if you're a traveler, once you've gone on your first self-funded trip, find another destination you've always wanted to visit and start saving for that.  Keeping the continuous reward cycle going is the key to making this process work in your favor!

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