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Communication is Key

If you own a business, you’re going to talk to lots of different people.  It’s just a reality of doing business.  Truckers, financial planners, bloggers, small business owners, and CEOs are just a few of the different kinds of people I encounter during a normal week.  But they all a couple things in common.  They want their voices to be heard and they want to be respected.

It’s vital, as an entrepreneur, to master the skill of communicating with the people you encounter in a way that makes them feel valued.  I’ll admit, I’m not the best communicator in the world.  Unlike Gary Vaynerchuk I don’t have an endless supply of energy to wow people with my enthusiasm.  But, I’m trying very hard to become better at communicating with the people I do business with.


I Messed Up…

Two weeks ago I spoke with a potential client (marketing client) about doing some Facebook advertising for his company.  I have a habit of speaking really quickly and assuming people understand all of the technical marketing jargon that I’m used to.  I could tell as soon as I left his place of business that I had completely lost him not only because I used too many terms that he wasn’t familiar with, but also I didn’t fully explain why I charge what I do.   Essentially, I did a mediocre job of showing him why Facebook advertising is very valuable and why my services are valuable to his company.

I knew I needed to remedy the problem, so, I sent him an email this week breaking down some of the data I presented and I offered him a lower price because I didn’t do an adequate job explaining myself.  I stressed that Kain Media wants to build partnerships with companies, not build our client list and make short-term profits, and I wasn’t lying.  I’m in this for the long game.  I’m not here to make ten grand and then quit.  I’m here to build a multi-million dollar business empire.

I wish this was my house… but it’s not

One Mission: Make More Content

Back on topic, I think it’s extremely important to master those skills of communication and stress to clients and people working with you that you’re trying to build relationships and trust.  I try every single day to find better ways to communicate with people so that a common solution can be found.  Honestly, I’m not trying to toot my own horn because I know I’m mediocre at best when it comes to communicating.  But, I realized very quickly that if I want to be a millionaire I have to master those skills.

I mentioned in my last post that I needed to create more content for all of my projects, and I’ve been focusing on that this week.  You’ll be seeing a lot more social media content coming from CollegeInvestr and my other businesses.  It’s simply not enough to put out good work or engaging blog posts.  In order to grow CollegeInvestr or any brand, potential readers/customers have to be able to find you online.  The best way to do that is through social media.

This guy is a very popular stock footage model apparently

Find out what happens in my next post!

It’s funny, but this ties directly into the original topic of this post, communication.  I’m not communicating effectively with my potential readers because I’m simply not posting enough content so they can find me.  Mastering the communication with my -potential readers is the only way I’m going to grow this website.

I haven’t received a response from my potential marketing client yet, but make sure you subscribe to CollegeInvestr so that you can find out what happens and if my communication skills are good enough to seal the deal!  Also follow us on social media to see all of the new content I’ve created for CollegeInvestr! FacebookTwitterInstagram

Best wishes,

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